PAX’s SP30 fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, offering everything merchants could want in a sleek, stylish payment device. Providing unsurpassed security and reliability and redefining the classic PIN pad, the SP30 offers the smallest footprint in two configurations: as a terminal connected to a Point-of-Sale (POS) or as an accessory PIN pad device that connects to a PAX payment terminal such as the A80. Its high-speed processor and large memory support a broad range of payment and value-added applications. The SP30 offers a built-in contactless card reader, a magnetic card reader, and an IC card reader.


  • EMV®, MSR and NFC/Contactless
  • PCI PTS 4.x Certified
  • Large Memory Capacity
  • Sleek and Compact
  • 4-inch TFT Color LCD


Verifone’s VX 805 Contactless PIN pad provides precisely what you need, and nothing you don’t. This incredibly convenient payment device allows merchants to process a range of transactions through multiple connectivity options, while offering the latest NFC technology for mobile payments. And, of course, it includes the latest security protections for total peace of mind.

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